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By:  Helen A. Bramow, Board Certified Hypnotist & Master HypnoTherapist

Virtual Gastric Band

Virtual Gastric Band – VGB Weight Loss System

VGB Hypnosis in Virginia

By Helen Bramow, Board Certified Hypnotist & Master HypnoTherapist

Virtual Gastric Band

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Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnosis

If your weight is getting out of control and no matter which diet you try, you continue to put weight on, or “Yo-Yo” up and down, then the Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnosis may be of assistance to you!

The Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) hypnosis is safe, risk free, reasonably priced weight loss method and was started in the UK, with one of the first studies done.  It  had enjoyed a high success rate ever since that first group study and is still going strong!  NOTE:  Hypnosis in the US is not licensed, only certified, while it is licensed in some other countries.

The VGB is a program that consists of 4 sessions, one each week.  The client is given a CD or MP3 at the first session to listen to for 28 days, at least 1x per day.  After the 4 sessions, the client(s) practices what they’ve learned at home for as long as they believe they need to in order to reach their goal.  NOTE:  WE ARE NOT SAYING THAT WITHIN 4 WEEKS or 4 SESSIONS, THEY WILL HAVE LOST ALL THE WEIGHT THEY ARE TRYING TO LOSE, as this is determined per client and some clients wish to lose more weight than others.

The VGB system is of course hypnosis, using a light trace state, and one hour sessions and all hypnosis for weight loss is habit changing, or suggestive form of hypnosis using its own techniques, which takes at least 21 days, but VGB requires 28 days of listening at least 1x per day.  Some people wish to listen 2x per day, and that is perfectly fine, as long as they are NOT driving or operating any sort of machinery because it is hypnosis.  Also, while some people may ‘feel’ this band after placement, but others may not ‘feel’ anything, and that is also perfectly normal.  It is not necessary to either ‘believe in’ the band or to ‘feel’ the band with the VGB system of weight loss hypnosis.

Helen A. Bramow, MA, ND, HHP, CNC, MHt , owner of Hypnosis-Virginia, is a highly experienced & successful Master Hypnotherapist who has been assisting people as a natural health, healing and hypnosis practitioner for a number of years. You can read about all her credentials on this page:   About Helen Bramow.

AM I suitable for a Virtual Gastric Band?

The most important thing to consider if you are thinking about having the VGB sessions is:  just how much you want to reach your target weight.  AND, are you motivated, prepared and ready to follow the guidelines to be successful?  VGB does have about 10 necessary guidelines to follow to achieve the most success.

And, it is important to be clear that just as with a REAL surgical gastric band, you will have to follow the 10 guidelines if you want to be successful, and of course, the most important guideline is to listen to your CD or MP3 EVERY day after your initial session, at least 1x per day.  Unlike other similar programs, the VGB does NOT have any restrictions or any certain BMI requirement either.  The Virtual Gastric Band program, unlike HypnoBand Weight Loss Program, DOES NOT have contradictions, restrictions or any BMI limitations.  And, both of these hypnosis programs are really ‘virtual gastric band’ type hypnosis programs.

At Hypnosis-Virginia, it is noted that clients who follow guidelines and listen the cd’s usually experience a better percentage of effectiveness, and are overall much more successful at meeting their goals.  

What if I decide I want a Virtual Gastric Band?

If you have decided that the Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis IS for you then what happens next?

Your initial interview is usually conducted on the phone partially to explain the program further and to answer any questions.  Then, if you wish to start the program, we can schedule your first session.  Call or email Helen Bramow, to arrange your session dates and times and START NOW!

For the total cost of the VGB Program, as well as ALL of Helen Bramow’s services, please click on link on the side of this page for Schedulicity.com.  The Package Fee for this Program covers ALL 4 of the weight loss sessions, IF you purchase the package of 4 sessions at once, and includes the CD’s and support materials that you require.  

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