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Hypnosis Sessions & Services

There are many different types of hypnosis sessions.  Here are just a few that are available, however, if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

– Weight Loss
– Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) Weight Loss Hypnosis
– Smoking Cessation
– Stress Management
– Fears (Bridges, Water, Elevators, etc.)
– Grief and Loss of a Loved One or Pet
– HypnoBirthing®
– HypnoFerfility
– Past Life Hypnosis (Regression)
– Healing from Illness (ex. cancer guided imagery, etc.)
– Mindfulness
– Meditation
– Time Management
– Increased Self-Confidence
– Public Speaking
– Low Self-Esteem and Confidence
– Nail Biting, other habits
– Ending a Relationship or Relationship Struggles
– Healing after traumas, accidents or surgery
– Enhancing Creativity
– Accepting Change – moves, jobs, kids
– Attracting Abundance and Prosperity
– Learn Self-Hypnosis –
Learning Hypnosis in VA is also very helpful for yourself and others!

Traumas and negative energies of life affect every move that we make, as well as our minds, our bodies, and our state of health. The roots of physical health issues many times are from mental, emotional, and physical stresses and traumas.  In order to achieve the best state of ‘true health’ it is necessary to purge or ‘detox’ all of the stored traumas, past and present, through energy cleansing. I offer energy clearing services in Loudoun, Fairfax, Virginia, so please see my services below and call if you have any questions.

Guided Imagery and Healing
I believe anything is possible if we put our minds to it!. As Edgar Cayce, the Great Sleeping Prophet said, “the Mind is the Builder and the Body is the Result.” We create our own world; now let’s start to heal it, and it all starts within the self.

True physical healing occurs by healing deep inner traumas, which can be held in any lifetime. Traumas deposit into the current physical body, which acts as a ‘storage facility’ for these traumas, and ailments of all kinds, whether mental, emotional or physical.  Many people fear hypnosis, thinking they will be made perform something involuntarily.  However, true hypnosis is simply a medium by which to access the inner self.  We must heal from within.

Hypnosis using ‘Integrated Imagery’ is simply a guided meditation, with soft, flowing massage music playing in the background.  Much of hypnosis is done today using guided scripting and imagery to help the body gently unwind and relax as well as the mind.  It is not too different than meditating, except that the guide is a real person, hypnotist, to guide you through the experience.  It is a gentle journey through time past or future, led by the client’s Higher Self.  Clients set their own goals and motivators during the interview process and then they are gently guided there on their individual paths.

Thoughts change things in the body and in the mind: we call this base our ‘Belief System.’ Our beliefs or programs affect everything in our lives. They become the patterns of our lives in many ways. Thoughts can make you sick and/or keep you from achieving wellness, especially negative thoughts and patterns. Thoughts are energy, energy is matter – all things are matter. So all things are made up of energy and, therefore, thoughts. The mind is a master programmer and our belief patterns are the result.

Session Contents

Every Integrated Imagery session will be different, as it based upon the client’s needs on that particular day. Clients may go to either past, present or future lifetime events. For example, I’ve had people go to Atlantis, ancient Greece, Roman times, many war scenes, early 1900’s, as well as many lifetimes in various other countries like Russia, England, and Europe during the 1500’s – 1800’s. Anytime is possible to visit, but it’s where ever the client takes us.

Many times there are repetitive dreams, or old traumas, unforgiving memories, accidents, or any changes in their life they want answers to. Some people even explore the reasons why they are here this time, or their ‘Soul Purpose’. I try and help them resolve the hidden issues and traumas, and find their life’s mission.


Mindfulness teaches us to become the innocent bystander as we learn to ‘watch’ our lives go by. By watching life, we are less attached, and more objective about making decisions and less emotional. Emotions are the ‘glue’ that hold everything to us, and creates many of the issues we have throughout this lifetime, or any lifetime. However, one can easily learn to relax and ‘watch’ life. Perfect for people who need stress relief and relaxation.




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