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Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Sessions

This is a simply hypnosis weight loss program, which is really only usually 4 sessions, however, sometimes an additional session is necessary to readjust the Virtual Gastric Band.  This ‘readjustment or refitting’ session, is also sometimes done at a much later time by itself.  This program has been shown to be incredibly effective at helping some people who have failed to get ordinary weight management systems and diets to work for them, by assisting them to discover more awareness during eating and to change eating habits gently. **See disclaimer below please.  

This is a hypnosis weight loss program which is geared to relaxing, and releasing stress, and also encourages mindful eating habits.  Whether your problem is eating too much, or eating too often, or perhaps both, it has been shown by a UK study to be very successful with most people. 

Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Success Rate

Of course, it is aimed at making the lifestyle changes which are necessary to lose the weight gradually and to keep the weight off.  Most people find it most relaxing and do lose weight.  The UK study found positive results for 24 of 25 people, all different ages, weights and issues.

According to Virtual Gastric Band, the average weight loss is about 7 lbs. in the first week, and then about 1 – 2 lbs. per week after that.    **See disclaimer below please.    

VGB Session 1 – Virtual Gastric Hypnosis “Surgery”

Session 1 starts with basic forms, and the interview, talking about the weight and: 

•      Why you want to lose it;
•      How do you envision your life to be changed after the weight loss [through the eyes of a slimmer you];
•      Is it you eat big meals/portions, or Are there specific foods [the issues(s)]; and
•      Do you have a spouse, or significant other, and/or any children?

There are about 10 rules to the Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Program and we review those.  Then, we are prepared to begin the hypnosis session, which is actually only about 25 minutes usually.  Finally, when we done the hypnosis session, you will make your payment for the session(s).  You will receive a CD or MP3 to listen to EVERY DAY for 28 days, not missing even 1 day.  However, if you miss 1 or 2 days, you can always just add 1 or 2 days back on to the number of days as a ‘makeup’ listening session.  You make your next appointment about 2 weeks later.

•      At home the next am, record your weight in your underwear (only do this 1x per week); and
•      record your waist measurement.

VGB Session 2- Parts Session

Session 2 starts by discussion how well you did since session 1, and how well you are listening to your CD/MP3 EVERY DAY for 28 days.  Reviewing your stress levels and update on your eating habits is essential each session, AND keeping a journal is handy, even if you just have time to record some notes each evening.  There will be some discussion before doing the next hypnosis session, which again is only about 25 minutes.  You will NOT be given another CD/MP3 since you have the one from session 1 to listen to.  You make your next appointment which should be in about a week usually.  NO new CD/MP3 GIVEN.

VGB Session 3 – 

Again, we begin by checking on how things are going and verify you are listening to the CD for the 28 days straight.  We also look at any and all issues that may have arisen over the course of the program, if any that is.  Then, we of course, do the hypnosis again for about 25 minutes, and again you are still to use the same CD and of course you book your next appointment which should be in about a week usually.   NO new CD/MP3 GIVEN.  

VGB Session 4 – Support Session and/or Band Readjustment

This session is really the same as session 3 above, except that we need to decide, based on progress, whether or not the band need an adjustment, which would take over this session.  Again, we begin by checking on how things are going and verify you are listening to the CD for the 28 days straight.  We also look at any and all issues that may have arisen over the course of the program, if any that is.  Then, we of course, do the hypnosis again for about 25 minutes.  There is a ‘personal CD’ given at the end of this session as a Support CD, for the client to use as much or as little as they find necessary.  This is the last session.

Session 5 – “Virtual Band Adjustment or Booster”

This is an Additional or Optional Session, while the regular program only includes 4 sessions, sometimes this might be necessary.  This can be done at any time after the 4 session program has been completed.  Based on your experience of the last few weeks you may wish to either have your Virtual Gastric Band tightened or possible loosened if you are losing weight too quickly.

Of course, we hope to hear from you about your progress, and about when you meet your goal of your Target Weight.  This session, when necessary, is reinforced by listening to a CD/MP3 (provided).

The cost of this session for any client who’s already done the 4 session VGB program, is $135 for 90 minutes and can be scheduled at any time AFTER completion of the main 4 sessions.

**Disclaimer:  Weight loss/management varies from client to client and is dependent upon many personal variables.  Client who have many pounds to lose will need to stay on the program longer to achieve their own desired results.

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