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               Sleep and Hypnosis         

Why Can’t I Sleep?

Sometimes people worry a lot or just feel very stressed.  Their lives are very busy and sometimes it can be really hard to slow down, relax and sleep.  Sometimes, we just can’t seem to get the rest we need, and each day we lose more sleep.

How can Hypnosis Help with Sleep?

Hyupnosis is very much like meditation, in fact the trance state is most often felt right before dosing off to sleep and right when we first awaken from sleep.  So, hypnosis is a very natural way to assist with getting back into the sleep cycle.  Sleep is a pattern, a habit, like everything else in our lives.  And, sometimes that train just slips off the track, and the more it does,  the harder it seems to get it back on track. 

Hypnosis can be gentle and soothing, and can be used to assist with sleep.  In fact, most of my clients use their cd’s to help them drift off to sleep if they’re having trouble sleeping.  However, usually it is best not to fall asleep with hypnosis, so that the brain is more alert.  But, when we are using it for sleep, it is a different story altogether. 

How many Hypnosis sessions are necessary to Help with Sleep?

Most hypnosis takes a minimum of 1 – 3 sessions, and usually each time the client goes into trace with us, they will go deeper and faster on their own with our CD or MP3.  That said, at least 2 visits or sessions would be most beneficial to assist with better sleep, depending on other issues involved.  For example, a person who can’t sleep due to pain, really has a ‘pain’ issue, not a sleep issue, and usually the issue needs some level of resolve to be most effective.  So, the ‘pain’ issue would need to remedied first, and then sleep would be an easier target.

How do I book a session?

Schedulicity is an online booking scheduler, however, you may also call (703) 851-7954 or send an email to  Sessions are available via Skype and in person.  MP3’s can be easily emailed.  Sessions are about 60 – 90 minutes long.  

 Hypnosis can often be of assistance in Resolving issues, blockages and Buried Trauma (unconscious or conscious resistance and/or blockages) and help to:

  • Overcome fears about death and mortality
  • Buried fears and traumas from Childhood
  • Address fears related to Conflict of work vs family
  • Concerns about relationships and making new relationships (pets and people)
  • Lowers Stress levels, relax more = less resistance to change
  • Unresolved issues from childhood
  • Issues blocking happiness and success, and self-confidence
  • Help to restore Feelings of Safety and Groundedness, Security              
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