Hypnosis Questions

Hypnosis Questions

We often get asked a range of questions about Hypnosis, so here you will find a few of the most common ones –

Can anybody be “hypnotized”?

99.9% of people can be hypnotized, or can enter into the altered state of “hypnosis”.  In fact, Hypnosis is a perfectly normal state that MOST people experience several times a day without even realizing it!

Whenever your attention drifts from what you are consciously doing onto something else, while at the same time you continue to perform the action you are doing (i.e, driving, washing dishes, watching TV) then at this point you are experiencing “hypnosis” – a state of awareness in which you are able to carry out two functions simultaneously.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply a trance state, like meditation, in fact it is meditation.  Meditators are the best subjects for that reason, but of course almost anyone will be able to achieve some level of trance even during their first time.

There are many, many forms of ‘automatic pilot’ brain behavior, which can be considered hypnotic like:  driving a car, washing the dishes, watching a movie, reading a book, etc.  Any activity that you are ‘in’, absorbed in, can be considered a hypnotic state, or ‘trance’ state, although a light one at that even.  And, we go in and out of of these trance states, every day naturally, because anything we do over and over, becomes on ‘automatic pilot’ in a sense, and is really a hypnotic or trance state.

Technically, if your IQ is VERY low, or you are under the influence of drink or certain drugs, you may not be able (at that time) to enter into hypnosis.

The Client is ALWAYS In CONTROL in HYPNOSIS sessions with Helen Bramow, MA, ND, HHP, CNC, MHt –

Despite the behaviors of people who experience “stage hypnosis” you are never out of control while experiencing the hypnotic state.

In fact, due to the nature of the experience, you are MORE in control that normal. This particular concern has been fostered in the minds of people since the popular Hollywood image of “Dracula” was seen to use “hypnotism” to subdue his victims.

As far as we (and the greater percentage of the profession) are concerned you cannot be made to do anything you do not want to do.

If perhaps it were even possible, why wouldn’t we “hypnotists” just use our “power” for money at banks or something?  

Does Hypnosis really work?

Millions of people will testify to the fact that their lives have been changed through the use of hypnosis. In some ways it is a rhetorical question because what hypnosis actually does is to help people to utilize their existing internal abilities to bring about change.  Hypnosis helps people to help themselves due to the awareness it creates.  Of course, they have to want changes in their life also.

On the other hand, there are many people who have built up the notion that Hypnosis “makes them” do something that they could not do without being “hypnotized” – as if it has some sort of “magical” power – this is just not true, and anybody seeking help who believes that they simply sit back and “go-under” are going to be disappointed.

What if I can’t be Hypnotized?

Everybody can experience hypnosis and therefore be “hypnotized” (with the exceptions noted in the question above) so you do not need to worry about that, or almost everyone, as stated above.

It is true that some people are more “susceptible” to the state, but this probably has much more to do with their ability to relax, how anxious they are or how much they desire “to be in control” and are therefore “too resistant” to enter into the state.

Hypnosis is a “permissive” state and CANNOT be forced upon an unwilling participant.

Is Hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis is perfectly safe and you cannot come to any harm while you experience it.

It is not possible to be hypnotized so “deeply” that you become stuck in hypnosis. What actually happens (if you are very susceptible) is that you might fall into a nice deep sleep from which you awaken perfectly naturally.

How long does the Hypnotic effect last?

Normally hypnosis ends instantaneously, but for some people the experience can be so “profound” that it takes a few moments for them to re-focus back onto the moment.

This is not a negative experience, sometimes “trance” can be such an “eye-opener” that it can leave you feeling quite surprised!

What if I can’t relax enough for Hypnosis?

This is a common concern. Normally, within a few minutes, the experience is so nice that people tend to “go with it” and thus gain the benefits.

Hypnosis, of course, actually HELPS you to relax and it is a well-known way to assist in stress management.

What if I fall asleep in Hypnosis?

A number clients do become so deeply hypnotized that they fall into a deep sleep, and they even snore, but this does not affect the validity of the treatment.

How many sessions of Hypnosis will I need?

Sessions, are dependent upon each client’s goals.  Truthfully, it’s impossible to say, but we still try and provide a minimum number of sessions for the each client’s goals, and we can assist in determining if you’ve met your goals or have resolved your particular issues.  It is up to the client of course, to decide when to schedule sessions, and how long or how many sessions they wish to come in and work with us.

Hypnosis is about CHANGE and change takes time, more or less for each client, because it is a truly personalized service. That is why it is most important to be truthful, and to consider goals carefully when ‘goal setting’ and to work closely with your professional to get the best result.

Everybody is of course unique and the rate of change through Hypnosis varies according to your personality and your ability to deal with and access the emotional issues.

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