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Weight Loss Hypnosis in Virginia Using the HypnoBand® Weight Loss Program (a Virtual Gastric Band – VGB, aka a ‘Lap Band’)


If your weight is getting out of control and no matter which diet you try, you  continue to put weight on, or “Yo-Yo” up and down, then the Hypno Band Weight Loss® System may assist you!  (HypnoBand IS a Virtual Gastric Band)

Hypno-Band is a safe, risk free and cheap alternative to ‘real’ Gastric Band Surgery and with over 900 Licensed Practitioners in 39 countries, and claims to be the World’s Number one and Original Gastric Band Hypnotherapy system.

Here at Hypnosis-Virginia, we can assist with your weight loss goals, effectively, safely and naturally without the very high cost or the risks associated with real Gastric Band Surgery.  Many, countless in fact, Men and Women, have been helped using the HypnoBand Program for Weight Loss, which uses a deeper state of Hypnosis to convince their sub-conscious minds that we have fitted a gastric band to their stomachs.  (Some people may ‘feel’ this band after placement, but others may not ‘feel’ anything, and that is also perfectly normal.)

With the Hypno-Band Weight Loss® System you receive the benefits of a REAL Gastric band, without the risks or the cost!

Helen A. Bramow, MA, ND, HHP, CNC, MHt , owner of Hypnosis-Virginia, is a highly experienced & successful Master Hypnotherapist who has been assisting people as a natural practitioner for a number of years.  If you wish to verify
her credentials please click on this link which takes you to the
 Official Hypno-Band Practitioners.

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AM I suitable for a Hypno-Band?

The most important thing to consider if you are thinking about having the Hypno-Band sessions is just how much you want to reach your target weight.  AND, are you motivated, prepared and ready to follow the guidelines to be successful?  It is important to be clear that just as with a REAL surgical gastric band, you will have to follow guidelines and requirements, like homework, if you want to be successful.  While the sessions were originally designed for people who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or higher, after helping literally thousands of people to lose weight, that requirement was lowered to people with a BMI of 25 and above, would still benefit from the program.

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of your body fat to weight ratio, and is a good indicator of your risk factor to potentially damaging health problems such as Type Two Diabetes, or other weight related illness that go along with the extra fat and especially with an aging body..

To determine YOUR BMI just enter your data into the BMI Calculator HERE.

What if I decide I want a Virtual Hypno-Band?

If you have decided that the Hypno Band Weight Loss® System IS for you then what happens next?  First, we need to meet and carry out a basic assessment, or intake session, to ensure that you are suitable for the process.  (See below info on Hypno-Band sessions for more detail on each session.)  If you are suitable, i.e., BMI 25+,  then the next step is:  Call or email Helen Bramow, to arrange your session dates and times and START NOW!

For the total cost of the Hypno-Band Program, as well as ALL of Helen Bramow’s services, please click on link on the side of this page for Schedulicity.com.  The Package Fee for this Program cover ALL five of the weight loss sessions, IF you purchase
the package of 5 sessions at once, and includes all the CD’s and support materials that you require.  

To see how to pay for your Hypno-Band course go to my Weight Loss Fees page.

Contact Helen A. Bramow, MA, ND, HHP, CNC, MHt Now!stones background


E-mail: HealthCoach095@gmail.com



The Hypno-Band Weight Loss® Sessions

This program has been shown to be incredibly effective at helping some people who have failed to get ordinary weight management systems and diets to work for them.**See disclaimer below please.

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Your Hypno-Band Weight Loss® sessions strive to address many facets of your eating habits, but does require the client to provide valuable information on daily food and liquid intakes, as well as any exercise routines.  Then, together, we can assist you to make PERMANENT changes to those habits so that you can finally achieve that slim body you’ve always dreamed of!  **See disclaimer below please.

Initial Consultation

Caucasian mid adult male physician sitting at desk smiling.

The Initial consultation is all about us understanding your current situation, your current weight, your target weight, what your emotional “triggers” are and how you respond to those triggers.

We will ask for your current and prior history of any conditions to ensure that we take full account of these within the program, like all good hypnosis programs.  We will have some forms for you to fill out.

By the time we have gone through this detailed intake Session you may already be thinking differently about the WAY that you eat and your relationship with food and your food and snack habits!  You may also consider your exercise habits.  NO CD/MP3 provided; NO HYPNOSIS SESSION.

Session Two – “Changing Habits”

Caucasian mid adult male physician holding bunch of carrots.

Session TWO really gets into the details of your “habitual eating” (This is the snacking that you do without really THINKING about it).  But it does require the client to provide valuable information on daily food and liquid intakes, as well as any exercise routines.

Together, we will formulate some “sensible” alternative reactions to your emotional triggers and you will experience your first wonderfully relaxing Hypnosis Session during which we will give you some post-hypnotic suggestions for your new responses to snacking!

You will be visualising yourself at your target weight using your “Slimming Mirror” and you may (or may not) feel your stomach beginning to shrink down in size!  (some people say they ‘feel’ it; others don’t and either is normal)

During the next week you may start to feel differently about your eating habits, snacks and foods, and about your own self-control, self-discipline and your personal control over food habits, which are reinforced by listening to a CD/MP3 (provided).  Hypnosis scripts are reinforced by listening to a CD/MP3 (provided).

Session Three – “Preparation For Virtual Surgery”

Female doctors discussing patient x ray films.

Session THREE is held roughly one week after session ONE

We will write down any progress to date, and we may weigh you, examine your Daily Food Diaries and feelings/thoughts processes that you will have recorded.  You can HypnoBand’s video, available on the home page of this site, in it’s entirety to hear a session with a client.  It can help to prepare you for the virtual ‘Surgical Session’ at treatment session Four, as this session is noted as ‘virtual pre-op’ for the ‘surgery theatre’.

You can consider who you would like to be your virtual surgeon and virtual anaesthetist before your fitting of the virtual band session which is next.  During this session you may decide who both your Surgeon and Anaesthetist are going to be when you have your virtual gastric band fitted in the next session!

Hypnosis scripts are reinforced by listening to a CD/MP3 (provided).

Session Four – HypnoBand Fitting – Virtual “Surgery”

Portrait of African-American man and Caucasian women medical healthcare workers smiling in uniforms standing against white background.

Session FOUR is held approximately one week after session TWO.

Again, we measure your progress so far (by now you may believe you can have lost about 6-7 lbs based on the national average.  (Research on Hypno-Band clients shows a National average weight loss of 3 lbs per week, but 1 – 3 lbs per week is more likely.)  Once again we will examine how much your thinking has changed. **See disclaimer below please.

Thinking and behaving differently towards eating habits, foods, and snacks is now starting to become your NEW HABIT and before long your new relationship with food will be “automatic,” like a program.

Its now time for your virtual Surgery Hypnosis – While under Hypnosis you will hear the sounds of the Hospital as well as the virtual Surgery Team, as they perform your Keyhole surgery to fit your Gastric Band and adjustment port.

Many people report being able to “feel” their stomach getting smaller and tighter during this session!  While this seems optimal, every client is different and may or may not ‘feel’ anything at all, and both are normal.

You are given the UK’s Post Op Diet information, which includes some guidelines for adapting your eating habits to your new Virtual Gastric Band.  Hypnosis scripts are reinforced by listening to a CD/MP3 (provided).

Session Five – “Virtual Band Adjustment or Booster”

Hands Toasting with WineSession FIVE is generally held at least TWO weeks after the virtual Surgery Band Session so that you have a chance to become used to your new “habitual eating style”.

At this stage you hopefully should have lost quite a significant amount of weight and your clothes should be getting looser! **See disclaimer below please.

Based on your experience of the last few weeks you may opt to either have your Virtual Gastric Band tightened or possible loosened if you are losing weight too quickly.

This is the last time you will see us for your Hypno-Band Weight Loss® Sessions, but we hope that you decide to keep in touch with us and let us know when you achieve your Target Weight.  Hypnosis scripts are reinforced by listening to a CD/MP3 (provided).

**Disclaimer:  Weight loss/management varies from client to client and is dependent upon many personal variables.  Client who have many pounds to lose will need to stay on the program longer to achieve their own desired results.

Contact Helen A. Bramow, MA, ND, HHP, CNC, MHt Now!stones background

Tel: 703-851-7954

E-mail: HealthCoach095@gmail.com



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