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Helen Bramow, MA, ND, HHP, CNC, MHt, BCH, C.NLP, CI, Board Certified Hypnotist, teaches HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Education classes, with a focus on a natural, Joyful, less stressed, Pregnancy and Delivery.  This class includes both the knowledge and techniques that can make that happen!  But it is important to note that HypnoBirthing is also used by many of the moms who choose to have a ‘hospital -type’ birth, and it is like most alternative, natural care, because it goes right alongside of medical usually, as a ‘blend’ usually.

HypnoBirthing uses exercises, breathing techniques, and meditative self-hypnosis for your birth – your way, focused on the best possible outcome, using meditative and natural childbirth education for both you as the MOM, and your family.  However, hypnosis and HypnoBirthing techniques also work very well right along side both medical and hospital type birthings.  

There are SO many choices to would-be parents, or parents in waiting nowadays, from birthing centers to mid-wives and doulas, to hospitals, doctors and medical care.  Every mom should choose what she wants, that is best for her and her family, AND HypnoBirthing can assist her with birthing education, information and techiniques!

Helen Bramow, MA, ND, HHP, CNC, MHt, C.NLP,  is a Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH), and certified through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), the International Hypnosis Federation (IHF), and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT), and is very well versed in both hypnosis, healing and meditation techniques using hypnosis.  She is also an NGH CI – Certified Instructor and IHF – Certified Registered Instructor and School and IET Master Instructor.

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This course is designed by Marie Mongan, and utilizes:  Meditation, Hypnosis, Exercise and Education to support birthing couples, for a informed, comfortable, delivery in any environment.  And, the environment for birthing nowadays can be varied, rather it is in a hospital, a private home or birthing center designed only to deliver healthy babies.

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HypnoBirthing® 2017 – 2018 Class Dates:

HBCE 2017 –  5, 2.5 hour sessions:  6:00 pm – 8:30 pm –  sessions $475 – 1 couple, individual session

Module 1:  Dec 8    Module 2:  Dec 22   Module 3:  Jan 5   Module 4:  Jan 19   Module 5:  Feb 2

HBCE 2017 – Set 2 – 5, 2.5 hour sessions:  

Module 1:  Feb 16    Module 2:  Mar 2   Module 3:  Mar 16   Module 4:  Mar 30   Module 5:  Apr 11

HBCE 2017 – Set 3 – 5, 2.5 hour sessions:  

Module 1:  Apr 27    Module 2:  May 11   Module 3:  May 25   Module 4:  Jun 8  Module 5:  Jun 22

**Classes can be arranged weekends, daytimes, evenings, and on holidays to suit client’s needs.  Please call or email to make a request.              
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HypnoBirthing® Child Birth Education Classes

1.  There are NO prerequisities for this class.

2.  The couple (birth companion and mom) attends 5 classes of about 2 1/2 hrs each.

3.  Each class the couple is educated in childbirth and learns the techniques that can:  assist them in making informed decisions and assists them to learn to control discomfort and/or some pain.  The techniques and education further educates moms in the art of NATURAL childbirth, which further assists the mom in choosing her own birthing style, her own way.  (Remember, HypnoBirthing techniques also work very well along side regular, medical care in a hospital setting.)

4.  Each class session includes homework, techniques and readings for the couple.

5.  Classes (5, 2 1/2 hours each) MUST be completed 4 weeks prior to the Due Date.

HypnoBirthing® Classes includes:  

1.  The book, “HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method” and the Rainbow CD.
2.  Handouts, homework, demonstrations, practice, and cd’s with meditatioins and hypnosis scripts.
3.  Excellent teaching/coaching and materials, techniques to assist moms in a natural, pain free childbirth their way.
4.   Professional written hypnosis scripts for your home practice.
5.   Mp3 tracks to use at home for relaxation, enjoyment, stress management and to bond with your little one.
6.   Handouts to assist in planning and choosing your Birth Preferences.
7.   Set of Birthing Prompts for the Birthing Companion.
8.   Demonstration and practice of birthing positions.
9.   Excellent hypnosis sessions from a Master Hypnotherapist, Helen Bramow, to assist in helping to alleviate fears and reducing pain as much as possible!
10.  Coaching and information on good prenatal nutrition.
11.   Deep Relaxation techniques for use during the birthing process.
12.   Practice on using the breath to assist in calming and relaxing both the mind and body.
13.   Toning exercises to stretch and relax muscles, and practice.

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1.  A Deposit of $100.00 is required along with the application for the class.
2.  Fill out the application form, specifying days and times when you are available.
3.  The Remainder of $375.00 is due on the 1st day of class, no checks please – cash, debit or credit only.
4.  As per Health for Life, LLC general policy, there NO REFUNDS and NO Guarantees, see disclaimer on footer below.

Locations:  Classes are held days, evenings and weekends and holidays, in both Purcellville and Herndon.  

Hours and days are flexible to meet the needs of the moms and birthing companion.


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